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  Back to Church School Crusade   
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Back to Church School Crusadea signature program of Memphis Inter Denominational Fellowship, Incorporated, is an annual two-month crusade beginning the first Monday in June following the first Sunday in June, which is National Church School Day and lasting through the last Saturday in July.

  • Back to Church School Crusade is intended to increase attendance in church school and to encourage churches and youth agencies to take an active role in presenting the positive side of life to youth.  The purpose is to build the spiritual and moral fiber of the churched and unchurched youth by engaging them in meaningful and vibrant religious traditions, such as Vacation Bible School; thereby building a stronger, healthier and safer community and helping children to focus on becoming productive citizens and giving back to the community.
    The Monday through Friday following National Church School Day, a citywide Vacation Bible School is held. 

  • Church and youth organizations throughout the city are asked to partner and conduct a weeklong Vacation Bible School at designated sites using the same VBS theme. 

  • During the remainder weeks in June and July, the church partners are encouraged to conduct individual Vacation Bible Schools using one of the VBS themes.  Partnering youth-serving organizations are encouraged to provide additional options for youth, i.e. organized sports and social activities. 

  • The VBS is to include time for bible study, music, arts and crafts, personal responsibility, other workshops, and field trips.  Churches are asked to submit their dates of Vacation Bible School and youth agencies and organizations are asked to submit their organized summer activities for youth with applicable fees.  A calendar of events for the summer is developed for distribution throughout the community. 
    A Youth Explosion or culminating event is held the last Saturday in July.  The participating churches and youth organizations come together to highlight the learning and all activities that took place in Vacation Bible Schools (biblical study, music, arts and crafts, sessions on personal responsibility and other workshops, and field trips).  The Youth Explosion gives the youth the opportunity to present in their own way through the spoken Word, various related skits, liturgical/praise dancing, miming, singing, and poetry reading.  City, state and public officials are on hand to interact with and encourage the youth.  This mobilizes the faith community to help build spiritual and moral fiber in its youth and produce productive citizens.

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